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City House Facade & Lobby Refurbishment

We have recently completed a full lobby refurbishment at City House on Cannon Street to make it hopefully much warmer and more welcoming – the building is of 32 air-conditioned apartments located directly opposite the famous new Bloomberg HQ and in the very heart of the financial district. Whilst the apartments have always been of a very high quality, we felt we could make the lobby a much more design-led and welcoming space for our guests… so we did just that!  Guests can now relax in the lobby and use the 1GB wifi to their heart’s content 😊

Then we refurbished the facade, replacing the 1970s pink granite back to how it would have been when the building was originally built in the 1860s.  So now the original looking pilasters have been restored with a painted frontage to tie us in with our very prestigious neighbours!  Please view some photos of our new lobby and frontage here: