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Our GREEN Credentials!

The climate and the increased consciousness of all of our carbon footprints remains, quite rightly, firmly at the forefront of our and our clients’ CSR programs. And our clients’ commitment to reducing their carbon footprint has begun to shape many travel policies as well as focussing on their own supply chains to ensure their service partners are equally committed to the climate emergency. Well, we are delighted to say that we have quietly been a very ‘green’ company since our inception some 20 years ago. We are fairly unique in that we are located in one very small region within London, the financial district known as the ‘Square Mile’ owing to the fact it is quite literally a square mile! As such, we have always offered our guests a short walk to work which, whilst always very convenient for our guests (no expensive taxis or stuffy tube!), has become an even bigger factor as part of our clients’ audit of their travellers’ carbon footprints when travelling to work in their overseas offices. For the same reason, because we operate in such a geographically small area, it’s also meant we have never had the need for company vehicles, as our team members simply walk to each of our buildings to meet all our guests, clean & maintain our apartments, restocking the apartments using trolleys and bicycles etc.

Our 5 fully refurbished buildings have all fully embraced new technology and building methods as they have evolved over the years. These now underpin how we measure our relationship with the environment, and include such measures like central electrical lighting kill switches, solar pre-heating of water, comprehensive insulation/double glazing, total roll-out of LED lights, use of an ECO friendly heating/cooling system working at an amazing 400% efficiency, and of course a strict and ever-evolving recycling program.